With a little creativity, when it comes to planning the perfect date whether it’s an inexpensive night on the town or at home with your special someone. Going on dates keeps relationships fresh. It’s very important that each person gets involved in organising also. Maybe consider taking it in turns each week or each month depending on how much time you have.  We decided to put some amazing ideas together just for you.

  1. Their favourite things
    Buy all their favourite foods or order take-out and create a picnic by candlelight at home and create a CD or Spotify playlist with all their favourite romantic songs.
  1. Movie’s with a difference
    From cinemas with settees that serve champagne and food to you at the seat, there’s plenty of cool ways you can see the latest blockbuster instead of the bog standard way. The Lounge is furnished with leather sofas and spacious leg-room, making it one of the most comfortable cinemas in London. Should you need a top-up, the seats are equipped with buttons to call waiting staff during the film. There’s also The Ritzy which hosts a number of live acts and events so when you leave the cinema you you don’t have to go home if you don’t want too. You can even watch the latest flick in a hot tub half naked with a group of friends or strangers.
  1. Go crazy for golf
    You’d have been hard pressed to find a crazy golf place a few years ago, but now they are a plenty. Birdies, has stunning views, Junkyard Golf has fun themes and great street food, with a massive games room upstairs, packed with ping pong, vintage arcade games and even a mini-motor racing track, Plonk is a must go to as well as Swingers LDN and Dinosaur Escape if you fancy being outdoors.  
  1. Cook a meal and bring a gift
    You can cook a simple meal at home, many stores do deals for a starter, main and dessert for £10. At dinner you can give your lady a dozen roses or your man a box of chocolates. On each stem attach a note/ place in the chocolate box notes for a future date—to do something that he/she would enjoy. (For example, “Go to the theatre or roller skating.”)
  1. Do something different
    Live a little and do something different. Go to a salsa dance class together, organise tickets to go a watch a theatre show or a live TV taping (which is usually free).
  1. Be romantic
    Leave a trail of roses running from the front door to the bathroom or the bedroom. In the bathroom have a candlelit bath set up with sweet smelling scents and take some time out to sensually wash each other and have you time alone to talk. If it’s the bedroom make sure you’re dressed in your sexiest underwear and have music playing to show your partner a good time. You could even blindfold your mate.Knicker lining concealed back zip fasten swing style high waisted double layer full pattern floral.
  1. Focus on memories
    Go on a date to your favourite restaurant or somewhere significant to you both. After you order your meal or had some fun, take some time to write down your favourite memories with each other from the past year. Then share your lists.
  1. Getaway
    Plan a weekend away together and do one thing that you each enjoy doing that weekend. So if he or she likes the outdoors go on a bike ride or hike. If she likes to relax book a spa, if she likes adventure you could book an activity weekend that consisted of tree top adventure Go Ape, go  karting or segwaying. You get my point.
  1. Sticky Notes
    Put sticky notes around the house and make your partner go on a treasure hunt to find them and when they do you do what’s on the note or just enjoy the loving words. For example: A sensual massage, a passionate kiss or a note saying: ‘I’m so happy that God blessed me with you in my life because…’
  1. Surprises? Oh Yes!
    Tell him or her to meet you at a location and when you turn up if you’re a guy have a bouquet of flowers or if you’re a lady maybe a bottle of his favourite drink or cologne. Then take them on a surprise outing. A dinner and a boat ride, a walk to all the places that mean something to you both, a late night experience at a museum, a music concert or whatever you both may enjoy.