Meet Janine George the personal trainer with a banging body that knows how to get the results for her clients and in her fun but killer classes. Her official title is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, she’s strong, focused and driven and has abs that anyone looking would be green with envy. She’s currently developing her group exercise classes and private home personal training sessions.

Who is the woman that most inspires you?
I have two female inspirations; in the sporting world undoubtedly the queen Serena Williams and as a Christian woman of God Paula White Cain.

What does feminism mean to you?
Feminism for me is respecting the unique qualities of a woman. To promote female perspectives and to understand her voice; that she is an equal in society.

Do you think there’s equality between men and women in your industry?
Somewhat, however I think it ultimately depends on the individual’s drive. The sports and fitness industry has a larger proportion of men than women, but at the same time there are a good portion of successful female fitness professionals.

The Euro barometer on Sport and Physical Activity 2014 identifies that the participation of girls and women in Europe in general is still not at the same level as boys and men.
There are many external factors which can affect a woman’s level of participation in sports and fitness, such as their role in the home and taking time out to raise children for example. Nevertheless, many women nowadays are waiting much later to start families to pursue their careers; which allows them to attain great heights in their sports professions.

The theme of this years IWD is #BeBoldforChange. So, if you could change one thing about the world what would it be and why?
That we all incorporate fitness into our lifestyles. Being fit benefits so many areas of our lives, it contributes significantly to our health, the economy as we become more productive, and our self development. It teaches us skills such as discipline, perseverance and teamwork. With that said it is even more important that more women are reflected within the sports and fitness world to demonstrate to others how edifying and empowering each one of us can be. The more women who are involved in fitness, the more younger girls will be enthused and have role models to aspire to.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?
To be true to myself. As soon as I stopped trying to be like everyone else my work and the rewards grew organically.

What’s the best thing about being a woman in 2017?
All things are possible. I teach women and men, it’s encouraging to know that my sex is not a questionable factor for the delivery of my services and that I am respected in my field of work.

What advice would you give the next generation of talent who would love to be in your position?
Start laying the foundations now for your empire. The opportunity is always now. Follow your passion, gaining as much experience in the field which interests you and keep learning. Above all the greatest feeling in the world is knowing that you have blessed another person to be great, otherwise what is the point of it all.

To attend one of Janine’s classes or to get the latest fitness juice follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Her website is (site still under construction)